Alexis Zavialoff (b. 1974) is a Berlin based Swiss distributor and retailer of printed matters. Zavialoff’s Motto Distribution has since its inception in 2007 quickly become the driving force in distributing and retailing small edition artists books, hard to find magazines, back issues and rare copies of other printed matter world wide. Motto is an active participant in all important art book fairs globally and has had an enormous impact in the way these publications are accessed and circulated.

Alexis Zavialoff @ AA Architecture School, London: 'Distribution and attitudes'

Motto Distribution founder Alexis Zavialoff talks about his practice, the distribution channels and publishing models in today's art and design publishing. As a central figure in the field, Alexis is well positioned to comment on the ways how printed matters find their audiences in the contemporary climate of increased interest in small editions and artist -led publishing.